Saturday July 4 @ 10PM
South of Big Island

This year the BLCA will once again be partnering with members Bryon Backus, Bob Prins, and John Tsalkos for the Canada Day Weekend Fireworks. Brent Berry, the owner of Belmont Lake Marina, is also helping out by providing a barge for the event.

The fireworks will be set off on a floating dock, approximately 100 metres off-shore.

For best viewing, please go to the south-east part of Belmont Lake about one-half of a kilometre south of Big Island. This event is open to all and is accessible by boat only.

As in other years, the BLCA strongly discourages cottagers from setting off fireworks on their own properties, as many people complain of the noise and that it scares family pets and wildlife on the lake. Please refrain from setting off fireworks on your property and instead come out to other shows happening in the community throughout the summer.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the BLCA’s policy on fireworks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a Board member.

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