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2018 Newsletter

The BLCA’s volunteer “Road Rep” team will begin distributing the 2018 BLCA Newsletter starting on the May Long Weekend. This amazing group of volunteers will also be collecting 2018 BLCA Membership fees. Membership fees and volunteer support are key to our ongoing programs as a lake association. Once again we will have Early Membership prizes, including dinners at local restaurants, music, cinema and live theatre tickets..

pdf symbol BLCA 2018 Newsletter

pdf symbol BLCA 2018 Schedule of Events

Not sure who your road rep is? Check out the 2018 Road Rep List

2018 – 2019 BLCA Emails

The BLCA periodically send emails to our subscriber list. You can subscribe to this list from our home page.

pdf symbol 2018 August Update: All Candidates’ Meeting / BLCA Golf Tournament
pdf symbol 2018 July Update: Regatta Weekend & Sailboat Race

2017 – 2018 BLCA Emails

pdf symbol 2018 July Long Weekend Update: Membership and Newsletters; Fireworks
pdf symbol 2018 May Update: Pike Tounrnament & Newsletter Delivery
pdf symbol 2017 August Update: Golf / Water Quality Survey / Marmoraton Trip
pdf symbol 2017 July Update: Regatta / Sailboat Race
pdf symbol 2017 July Update: AGM / Walk-In Clinic in Havelock / Turtle Watch
pdf symbol 2017 June Update – Membership and Newsletters
pdf symbol 2017 May Update – CVCA Flood Watch

Old BLCA Newsletters

pdf symbol BLCA 2017 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2016 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2015 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2014 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2013 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2012 Newsletter
pdf symbol BLCA 2011 Newsletter

2013 – 2016 Emails

pdf symbol July 2016 Update – AGM
pdf symbol July 1 2016 Update – Fireworks / Membership Draw
pdf symbol May 2016 Update – Newsletters / Pike Derby
pdf symbol May 2015 Update – Newsletters / Pike Derby / Road Rep Summit
pdf symbol July 2015 Update – Fireworks / AGM / Membership Draw
pdf symbol July 2015 Update – AGM
pdf symbol July 2015 Update – 2015 Regatta
pdf symbol Aug. 2015 Update – 2015 Golf Tournament / Lights Out
pdf symbol Aug. 2015 Update – SunEdison Solar Proposal / Fall Hike / Call for Photos
pdf symbol Oct. 2014 Update – Municipal Elections
pdf symbol July 2014 Update – Regatta
pdf symbol July 2014 Update – Lake Party
pdf symbol July 2014 Update – Hydro One Garlon Spraying / MNR Fish Monitoring
pdf symbol May 2014 Update – Pike Tournanment / Newsletters / Pontoonarama
pdf symbol May 2014 Update – Newsletters / OPP costs / Lost & Found
pdf symbol CVCA Flood Warning – April 17 2014
pdf symbol CVCA Flood Watch – April 12 2014
pdf symbol BLCA Winter Update – Feb. 2014
pdf symbol BLCA – Lake Party & Golf Tourney
pdf symbol BLCA – 2014 Regatta

2012 Membership Survey

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in July, 2012, our members asked the Board to conduct a survey of members so that we would have a good base to decide how to spend our volunteer time and association dollars. Brian Deas and Diane Pick rose to the challenge. Brian, in consultation with the Board, created the survey questions. Diane set up the questions in Survey Monkey, the software we used to administer the survey. Both Brian and Diane put many hours into this project – our sincerest thanks for their efforts.

The survey of property owners on Belmont Lake was conducted in October of 2012. We sent emails to active members and former members inviting them to take the survey on-line. We mailed surveys to members for whom we did not have email addresses.

In total we contacted 234 members and 88 former members. We received 161 completed surveys, 145 done on-line and 16 by mail. Overall response rate was 50%, with member response rate at an amazing 64%. This is a very high completion rate, indicating the keen interest our members have in our organization.

The files below provide a more detailed analysis than we could provide in the 2013 Newsletter:

pdf symbol 2012 Survey: Report for the BLCA Board

pdf symbol 2012 Survey: Analyis

pdf symbol 2012 Survey: All Responses

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